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Window Decorating Ideas

Window Decorating Ideas


Window Decorating Ideas


       When it comes to window decorating ideas, the difference between a window shade and a beautiful, stylishly decorated window covering is intention. Great window decorating ideas will mean the difference between a room that looks empty or drab and one that looks finished and pleasing to the senses. And…don’t think you have to pay big money for stylish ideas. There are many inexpensive window covering decorating ideas that will catch the eye.

     Windows are not just open or closed….they are one of the focal points of a room so decorating a window means more than just providing privacy or light diffusion. So we should be careful that the window coverings compliment the décor and characteristics of the room. For example, we wouldn’t want to put bamboo shades in a formal living room or put plush, three-tiered draperies in a child’s playroom. Window decorating ideas should compliment the décor of the room without taking away from or overwhelming it. There are as many ways to decorate a window as windows themselves so experimenting with different styles and attitudes can totally change the look and feel of your room.

Simple Window Coverings

     “Simple” decorations do not mean “Plain” decorations. Simple window decorating ideas can involve bright-colored roller shades to liven up a room or a roman blind with embellishments – gathered half-way up. For feminine softness you can hang a sheer panel of lace from a pressure-mounted curtain rod, pull it to one side and tie with a beautiful piece of lace for a beautiful and inexpensive window covering decorating idea. Cafe curtains hang from the center of the window down and provide privacy while allowing light to enter the room through the top of the curtain.



Designer Window Coverings

     One idea for a decorated window covering is to give your windows a designer look by layering different kinds of window coverings. Start with an interesting, colored shade or blind – or even a simple curtain panel. Then add lavish, small patterned drapes hung from a curtain rod or some window covering embellishments to dress up some older drapes. Try choosing fabrics in different colors and then layering them for a unique, exotic look for inexpensive window decorating ideas.


Molding and Shutters

     You can also consider attaching molding around your windows to make them stand out – setting them apart from the surrounding walls. A bright white frame is a perfect way to highlight and showcase your window coverings. You can pair them with woven wood shades or a roman shade if you wish to create window covering embellishments. This highlighting is especially appealing if the room’s wall color is dark. You can also go the opposite way – pair dark framing with a bamboo shade and a light wall. And shutters are so versatile – placing them on either side of a narrow window will give the illusion of a wider window and add great interest to any room. This framing effect is an inexpensive window covering decorating idea.

     So…have fun with your inexpensive window covering decorating ideas. Try new pairings and highlight your windows to your heart’s desire. You never know what combo will light up your room until you try. Be open to bright new colors and themes. Even better…change one part of a window covering or add a window covering embellishment and see how the whole room looks new and fresh again.

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